Handmakers ! Natural Bamboo Mudda Stool with Red & Beige (15 X 15 Inches)

1,299.00 749.00

  • Material : Pure natural eco-friendly comfort mudda made up of environmental safe material and also fully safe to use in living / garden area and in bars.Bamboo,cotton & jute rope
  • Small body, simply design and move freely. Perfect for playing games or enjoy your tea time on the floor. Fit with low table and console table, you can sit on it do your work.
  • It’s suitable for living room, outdoor, garden, bay window or balcony etc.
  • You can put it in the balcony and enjoy the sunshine. It also fit the child, you can use as feed chair, also you can use as child chair, they can sit in to do some homework in front of the coffee table and console table.
  • This is a traditional round cane chair known by many names stool,mudda,rattan etc adding a traditional touch to your room and outdoor.


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