Handmakers ! Pure Handmade Blue & Red Bamboo Mudda Stool

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Bamboo Mudda Stool Green is small rajasthani bamboo bar stool . Purpose of making this type of stool mainly think about children, it is easily moved . It can be use at reading time , lunch time etc…Product Details :-Product       –   2Material       – Bamboo, RopeSize               – 35 X 25CM inchColor             –Red Uses              – Home & Garden/Lawn

  • Material : Bamboo,Rope, Eco friendly
  • Small body, simply design and move freely. Perfect for playing games or enjoy your tea time on the floor. Fit with low table and console table, you can sit on it do your work.
  • Size : 35X25 cm
  • Uses:- Bedroom, Living Room, Dinning Room


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