Bamboo Yellow And Red Mudda Stool

Hand Made Natural Bamboo Stool is easily movable and occupies less space and adds decor to the place Exclusive product from the House of Best Wishes . Bamboo Yellow And red Mudda  Stool Is used for Garden/Lawn, Home purpose.

A comfortable, affordable, decorative mudda, bamboo furniture,unique furniture have unique appearance . This creates a playful effect in your seating area. The small model can also be used as a seat.The small and the large stool can be stored in each other, which makes it easier to stow or to ship.


Bamboo Yellow And Red Mudda Stool
This Decorative handmade mudda stool has a natural appearance and creates a natural feel in your home. The stool is made of rattan and rope.Your table is slightly more unique if you combine two stools of different heights and sizes.

Product Details :-

  • Product  – 1
  • Material  – Bamboo, Rope
  • Brand      – handmakers
  • Size           – 14×10 in inch
  • Colour      – Yellow&Red
  • Use            – Living room, Garden/Lawn

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 in

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