Door Mat With Round Shape & Multi Color Cotton Rug – Handmakers

SCRAPES DIRT AND DEBRIS EASILY: It easily scrapes off whatever is on the bottom of your footwear. It effectively defends dirt, debris, grit, snow, mud or grass from entering your home. It also helps your floor from getting damaged
BEAUTIFUL LOOKING DOORMAT: This rug is sure to lend a certain look to your home while adding a distinct touch of class. This doormat not just prevents dirt from entering your home, it also acts as a perfect decorative element. The rich color adds to the aesthetics of any room and matches all color scheme



Door Mat With Round Shape & Multi Color Cotton Rug – This doormat is handmade from natural Jute fiber. It has high tenacity, heat insulation properties and is 100% environment-friendly. It is crafted with beige color that adds to your home decor and enhances your entrance’s beauty.

Product Details :-

Product   – 1

Material  – Cotton

Brand       – Handmakers

Size           – 2.5×2.5 feet

Color        – Multi color

Type         – Door mat

Use           – Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom,Worship place etc.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

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