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Handmade Child Bamboo Chair

Handmade Child Bamboo Chair Online Buying With Lowest Price With Best Quality , We are also Deal With Jute Indoor / Outdoor Doormat With Best Quality.


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Handmade Child Bamboo Chair

Handmakers Provide Long life Handmade Bamboo Chair for Child made up of environmental safe material and also fully safe to use in living. It can be used for study and playing indoor activities. Weight bearing capacity ranges from 0-40Kg. It is lightweight and durable. Since Natural Bamboo Sarkanda primary material, it does not require enough cleaning and maintenance cost. Average life of chair varies upto 5 yrs which is one of the key advantage of it compared to chairs available in another material. Best Suitable for Breakfast ,Indoor / Outdoor, Lawn, Cafeteria, Balcony and Garden for Child.


Product Description:-

  • Primary Material                                                  :-             Bamboo Sarkanda
  • Secondary Material                                              :-            Synthetic Wire
  • Color                                                                        :-            Red
  • Brand                                                                       :-            Handmakers
  • Size                                                                           :-           20x10x10 Inches
  • Type                                                                         :-           Chair
  • Shape                                                                       :-           Round Chair
  • Weight Capacity                                                    :-           0-40Kg.
  • Uses                                                                         :-           Child


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 in

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