4 reasons why Handmade is special

Reason why handmade is special 1

​Handmade is forever

Each handmade product is unique in its built and design. If we see the product market today it mostly consists of products that are produced for mass consumption. When mass production of products comes into the picture, the uniqueness of each product fades away and also its shelf life becomes short. People want to replace their existing products with new products in the market. But when it comes to handmade goods, uniqueness is the quality that makes them distinct. Once a handmade good is produced replicating it becomes next to impossible. People don’t want to replace the product early and it also leads to sustainable usage of resources

Supports local people

Buying handmade supports local craft industries and people, wherever you buy it. The price you pay for it is exactly what you see – there are no hidden costs. The revenue stays within the country and people are not out of work but working in their business either as individuals or groups. Handicraft exports from India increased by 1.65 per cent year-on-year during April-November 2018 to US$ 2.42 billion. During this period, the exports of various segments registered positive growth like Shawls as Art wares (77.50 per cent), Woodwares (23.57 per cent), and Miscellaneous Handicrafts (19.74 per cent).

Buying handmade keeps craft skills alive

When we buy handmade we are helping to ensure traditional making skills are kept alive and creating a demand for education in these skills. Machines are slowly replacing humans in terms of producing goods and these artisans who have nurtured their talent from ages are slowly losing out and our rich tradition which we always cherish is slowly fading away. Though government is taking steps to promote these artisans, but as a responsible citizen it is also our duty to promote these kinds of products and pass this rich heritage to our future generations.

Handmade promotes a healthy and sustainable life-style

Thanks to the invention of steam engines and later mass production of goods today we are facing the worst effects of climate change. Droughts and floods have become more common and countries are now seeing a new trend of climate migrants who are migrating places due to extreme weather patterns. The world is now looking for an alternative to reduce the effect of climate change and in that handmade has a much bigger role. It not just promote a healthy living but also promotes a healthy economy. Gandhi idea of self-sufficient village economy is what the world needs where clusters across the country should come up promoting these artisans who are involved in handmade products.