4 reasons why Handmade is special

‘Handmade’ implies slow and deliberate. From a sustainability point of view, there are many benefits inherent in handmade goods.

Bamboo Furnitures

Pure handmade, Eco-Friendly bamboo furniture. Long life comfort muddha made up of environmental safe material and also fully safe to use in living / garden area and in bars.You can put it in the balcony and enjoy the sunshine. It also fit the child, you can use as feed chair, also you can use as child chair, they can sit in to do some homework in front of the coffee table and console table

Bamboo Stools
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Floor Mats and Carpets

Pure handmade floor mats.Beautiful in looks enhances the beauty of your home interiors. The products  are known for excellent quality and style.High Quality Natural Cotton Yarn Bring Comfort & Easy Feel. We know that Surfaces can alter the style of the total living area so we bring to you a range of stylish floor mats and carpets which will attract your guest eyes at first look only

Hand bags

Stylish bag for short traveling and daily using . Pure handmade made from natural Jute fibre. Stylish to make you stand out, A multipurpose bag which can be used as a Lunch Bag, Tote bag, shopping bag and handbag. Simple elegant yet stylish look to catch everyone’s eye.

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Items which are frequently bought by customers and are rated higher in terms of quality.

Our Customers reviews

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We ordered 1 to check if we like it and we really liked the product. So we ordered 3 more. Thanks a lot for the little one too. 🙂
Handmakers.in 11
Very comfortable seating stool. Looks elegant in drawing room
Pure Natural Jute Doormat
Great product, good design with great finish, value for money